Teaching Experience

I have taught many different types of Computers and operations research courses since 2006 at Zagazig University.

Undergraduate Courses

1-BS110 Mathematics BS125 Applied Statistics and Probability
2-BS150 Discrete Mathematics
3-HU155 Report Writing and Presentation skills
4-BS200 Numerical Computing
5-DS200 Operations Research
6-DS250 Discrete Structures
7-CS300 Artificial Intelligence
8-DS350 Computer Simulation Techniques
9-CS415 Computational Intelligence
10-CS460 Theory of Computations
11-DS410 Stochastic Models in Operation Research and Decision Support
12-DS420 Selected Topics in Operation Research and Decision Support
13-DS465 Multiobjective Programming
14-DS470 Computational Intelligence in Operation Research and Decision Support

Postgraduate Courses

1-CS 600 Advanced Analysis of Algorithms
2-CS 601 Advanced Artificial Intelligence
3-CS 606 Advanced Topics in Computer Science (I)
4-CS 607 Advanced Topics in Computer Science (II)
5-CS 610 Complexity Theory
6-CS 614 Evolutionary Algorithms
8-CS 615 Fuzzy Logic and Intelligent Systems
9-DS 600 Advanced Forecasting Techniques
10-DS 601 Advanced Topics in Decision Analysis
11-DS 602 Computational Intelligence in OR and DSS
12-DS 605 Deterministic Operations Research
13-DS 606 Discrete System Simulation
14-DS 610 Integer Programming
15-DS 612 Linear Programming
16-DS 615 Modeling Techniques
17-DS 616 Multicriteria Decision Analysis
18-DS 617 Network Modeling
19-DS 618 Non-Linear Programming
20-DS 622 Quantitave Methods
21-DS 623 Queuing Theory
22-DS 626 Scheduling Techniques
23-DS 627 Stochastic Operations Research
24-DS 628 Stochastic Processes
25-DS 630 Dynamic methods